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About us

Kupon.BG is a company, established in 2007, with primary business in development and sales of software products and solutions for both desktop and mobile platforms. Our success is found on a well balanced combination of creativity, innovation, professionalism, unmatched technology skills and real commitment to the client's project. The company has a portfolio of in-house applications, available on the App Store. Kupon.BG has the expertise in managing international projects with more than a hundred contributors.


Long term business relations and successful partnership are important elements in the Kupon.BG policy. With unprecedented skills and knowledge in the are of mobile platforms, Kupon.BG meets a broad spectrum of demands for its clients.


A successful project always starts with a vision. Correct analysis and evaluation for the beginning are a foundation for the delivery of a perfect product. Discovering all the requirements and limitations of the different ecosystems is a must for a well designed mobile application.


Implementing every project, our goal is to maintain open communication with the lucent to accomplish mutual gratification and longterm partnership. The complete process of creation of a product is focused on the client's needs, because meeting them is of highest priority for us.

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